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Paper Towel Dispensor - Diamond Plate
By: K & W Mfg
This is a perfect MUST for every gearhead, garage monkey, weekend mechanic, or anyone who wants to make a statement and have something super functional!!

Most shops or garages at one time or another require paper towels. Home Centers, Auto Parts Stores, Hardware Stores, and more sell self-dispensing "boxes" of shop grade paper towels. Their convienent and versitile but often have to take precious shelf or cabinet space to store or are in the wrong place at the wrong time. NOT ANY MORE!!!

K & W, a large manufacturer of diamond plate toolboxes, produces this unique garage or workroom accessory. Like their other products, this papertowel dispenser is professionally made out of solid heavy guage diamond plate aluminum... the same material used on most truck toolboxes and running boards in the industry. From the rolled top seam, to the high quality welds, this highly polished dispenser measures:

7" Tall X 9.5" Wide X 9.5" Deep

This dispensor accepts a standard dispenser box of paper towels, typically 10.5" x 9" x 9" (not included) available at most home stores, lumber yards, & autoparts. This dispenser can be conveniently mounted on any wall cabinet or cart for easy access.

It's a guaranteed winner for any auto lover in your home or business... get yours today!!!

1 Year
Availability: Immediate
$59.95    $29.95