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The term "Fender Flare" can cause a certain amount of confusion especially when trying to add items to the wheelwell opening. Hopefully this will help clear things up.

What is a "flare"?
A fender flares is an add-on panel or trim mounted to the vehicle's sheet metal sides that follows the contour of the wheel well opening. It usually sticks out from the vehicle and often can be painted a contrasting color. It can come in several different widths, styles and materials... all to add a distinctive visual accent to your vehicle.

What's the difference between a "flare" and a "flair"?
Absolutely nothing. Just different manufacturers trying to "sound" different.

Why do we need to know if we have flares or not with certain aftermarket add-ons, such as mud flaps or running boards?
Certain items, like those mentioned, may attach through the wheelwell openings or very close to them. Flares may interfere with how they mount on a vehicle and in some case, with "factory flares", aftermarket part manufacturers may have different parts available for vehicles with and without.

Some item's say "with factory flares" or "without factory flares"... does that also mean aftermarket flares as well?
If a part is specifically lists "factory flares", then that is SPECIFICALLY referencing the vehicle manufacturer's optional flare... not aftermarket ones. Factory flares are very specific for a vehicle's production year and does not change... so part manufacturers can design around them. There are too many aftermarket flare manufacturers, styles, mountings, and more for them to design for every combination.